Founded in 1994, our company operates in construction-real estate and tourism sectors. Norm Yapı, which has completed the construction of more than 400,000 square meters of construction in the construction sector up to now and realized the sale, is a company that has adopted the principle of producing qualified housing.

Principels of NORM YAPI;

Providing fast and quality production, adding value to life,
Protecting natural tissue and respecting life,
Offering quality living by increasing service quality,
Our projects to adapt to the environmental, historical and cultural texture of the city,
Carrying the quality of the society at the life level to a higher class by carrying out personal requirements with the architectural approach of the age,
Providing the most reliable service by extending the standards of social life,
We aim to bring all our projects to an unforgettable position, by using high quality materials, high-level architecture and engineering services and utilizing advanced technology techniques,
Our company has accepted it as a principle to build safe living spaces in terms of natural disasters.

Our Quality Policy

As a firm we believe in contributing to the economy of the country and respecting nature and the environment when building social spaces by building social;

To comply with the standards of architecture, technical specifications, administrative and regulatory requirements, construction techniques and art, earthquake regulations.
We use these developments by following the technology at the highest level to reflect the products and production
Taking into account the needs and expectations of customers by giving value and importance to customer satisfaction
Carrying out the delivery of the product at the time and in the promised time.

Our Environmental Policy

The protection and importance of environmental values by taking into account world standards,
Plan all application activities to prevent environmental pollution and use the necessary resources in this direction.
Working effectively to create natural and livable habitats for future generations..

Our Vision

Basic thought; to provide a happy and reliable life by taking advantage of modernity, architecture and technology at a high level with in respectful to human beings and nature and without sacrificing the naturalness of the individual.

Our Mission

To present the nesting need of man since the first ages that surrounded by natural and modern possibilities.
Modernity, architectural excellence and the point where technology has come to bring the person to the future and thus glorify it.
Ensure that future generations learn to protect nature and grow up as individuals to teach


Norm Yapı has adopted the goal of using both the possibilities of technology and progressing by adding quality, comfort and security to its construction both during and after production.